для тех кто думает что европа набрала в рот воды со своей политкорректностью

Телеграф, первая полоса

Race is key to stopping gang violence - Trevor Phillips

How do we halt the epidemic of gang violence sweeping Britain? It will only be curtailed if ministers admit it largely affects black youths, according to the former race watchdog chief. Writing for The Telegraph, Trevor Phillips calls for an "open and honest" discussion on why a disproportionate number of victims and perpetrators of violent crime are black. The former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission accuses politicians, police and the BBC of "whitewashing" the issue. It's a punchy piece. Click here to read it in full.

Last year was the deadliest in a decade in London. But the murder rate in Birmingham has hit "crisis level", with the number of stabbings outstripping the capital. Britain's second city has seen 97 stabbings since the start of this year. Jamie Johnson and Martin Evans have this dispatch from Birmingham, where they were told "carrying a knife makes you a big guy".


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